Message From The Sheriff
MICHAEL NEAL  ( read )
For All Police, Fire & Ambulance Emergencies,
Dial: 911
24 Hrs Non-Emergency:
Crime Tips:
200 South Main Street
Clarendon, AR 72029
Administrative Office Hours:
M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm

Monroe County Sheriff's Office Thanks Blue and You Foundation

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office and the Monroe County Jail would like to thank the Blue and You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas for granting us a $1,000.00 Mini-Grant.  The funding allowed us to purchase a fully sanitizable food cart to deliver the prepared meals from the Jail kitchen to the Jail Blocks.  This unit is designed to be fully cleaned and sanitized after each use, and will hold  up for  years of service.

 The new cart is fully enclosed so it protects the food from biologic, physical, and chemical contamination in compliance with accepted Commercial Kitchen Food Handling Practices.

Thank you, Blue and You Foundation!

Food Cart Closed Food Cart Open

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