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Clarendon District Court holds trial on Assault & Tresspassing Charges

In late November 2012, Four (4) Star City men appeared in Clarendon District Court and filed affidavits against Frankie Newby, accusing him of assaulting them in a heated confrontation over a hunting dog. The four affiants claim that during this confrontation Newby shot one of their dogs. The men stated that while they were coon hunting on the White River National Wildlife Refuge one of their hunting dogs ran across posted ground, onto private property leased by Newby, treeing a racoon. Newby, also filed an affidavit in Clarendon District Court charging the four (4) hunters with tresspassing. The four men from Star City are Newell Gill, Darrell McGee, Lee McGriff and Mackie Edmonds.

The case was tried before Judge David Carruth in Clarendon District Court on Thursday. Charges against all five men were heard. After several hours of testimony, Judge Carruth found that Henry Newby was guilty as charged of Animal Cruety, and Assault. He was fined and sentenced to 6 months in jail. Also, the four (4) hunters from Star City were found guilty of Criminal Tresspassing. They also were fined and sentenced to 10 days in jail.

All parties were advised by Judge Carruth that his sentence could be appealed to the Monroe County Circuit Court and that all parties involved were to perfect an appeal within 30 days to the Monroe County Circuit Court, or report to the Monroe County Dentention Center.

None of the parties were required to post an appeal bond, nor remanded into custody.